Launching Winter 2019

Church of Love is a podcast hosted by Susan Kiskis and produced by Sunbury Press. Church of Love will explore the changing dynamic of religion occurring worldwide, with a specific focus on the U.S. The podcast will discuss the trend of people stepping back from traditional religious institutions and leaders. shares “Most of the statistics tell us that nearly 50% of Americans have no church home.” They continue to say “Every year more than 4000 churches close their doors…”

Yet, those who leave the “church” are not turning towards atheism. Rather, they are seeking an individualized connection with a higher being, namely, God. People are seeking to individualize who and what this being, or energy, is in their own words. Additionally, they are looking to personalize that connection with said being.

Church of Love explores this new spiritual frontier and the commonality of this evolving belief is that God is still considered, in whatever shape he/she/it takes, the essence of love.

Season One: Episode One

November 01, 2018

Information coming soon.

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