What if the time was now?

Join Susan "Jyoti" Kiskis for a 6 day retreat that will start with a short stay in San Jose, Costa Rica, followed by 5 days in the secluded rainforests of Costa Rica. This retreat is for the adventurous soul, longing for a life-changing experience, connection with nature and community, and ready to open their heart to a spiritual awakening.


Dates: April 20-26, 2020

Location: Luna Lodge, an eco-resort in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica


Situated in the Osa Peninsula, next to Corcovado National Park, the #1 rated park in the world, the retreat center has awe inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean, rainforest, and wildlife.

Cost: $1,895. Early bird $1,825 (if paid by September 30, 2019). Register Now/Make a Deposit

Includes...shared lodging in San Jose and in a shared tent at Luna Lodge, transportation to/from San Jose airport, C.R. to Luna Lodge (and back), 3 meals a day (Vegetarian with options for Gluten Free & Vegan), classes, 2 excursions, and take-home keepsake, along with a lifetime of memories.

Does not include...airfare to San Jose, Costa Rica.

Additional excursion and spa packages. (They are

however, available from Luna Lodge.)

Deposit: $250, non-refundable

Schedule to include:

  • Daily Yoga Asana class

  • Pranayama

  • Meditation

  • Full Moon/Cacao Ceremony

  • Creation in Motion

  • Elemental Exploration

  • Waterfall Hike Excursion

  • Access to the lodging grounds, including pool

  • Horseback Riding Excursion

  • Free Time to relax, swim in the pool, bird-watch, enjoy the beach, and more.

What if the PLACE WAS HERE?

Imagine this… You are gazing across a deep river gorge just in time to catch the first rays of sunlight crowning the canopy of the primary rainforest across the valley with a hue of gold, your senses being teased gently to life as you sip on fresh pineapple juice on the deck of a huge Rancho. As the mists below begin to part to offer you a glimpse of the blue Pacific in the near distance, you hear the rhythms of the rainforest, an orchestra led by the wild brazen troop of howler monkeys only a few hundred yards away. Although you are beginning to rouse yourself a bit in preparation for the active day ahead, the sloth in the grand mayo tree off to your left hasn’t moved a muscle.

This is a reality on the 60 acres of tropical wilderness that is Luna Lodge. Over 75 % of the lodge’s property is primary virgin rainforest.

You can spot literally hundreds of rare and beautiful bird species such as the scarlet macaw, red-legged honeycreeper, and slaty-tailed trogon. You will also likely encounter exotic creatures, such as coatis, tayras, and the four species of monkeys found in Costa Rica. There are year-round waterfalls on the property itself, one with a swift flowing chute and refreshing wading pool less than a ten minute walk from the bungalows. Just a few minutes further down the river valley, among a riverbed full of brilliant white boulders, a much higher set of falls thunders down from over 30 feet; you can stand under the spray and look down at how nature is realigning and reharmonizing the river’s elements. 









Owner, Lana, and her staff at Luna Lodge, have created a wonderful blend of natural landscaping and organic agricultural abundance surrounding the lodge. Counted among the fruit trees are mango, water apple, papaya, banana, china fruit, mandarin orange, lemon, cacao, avocado, and cashew.


The pleasant, intoxicating aromas of ylang-ylang, frangipani, and night-blooming jasmine permeate the grounds. She also grows her own bananas, plantains, and pineapples. And what meal would be complete without herbs and spices? She has hot and sweet chilies, turmeric, oregano, basil, mustard, ginger, cilantro, and many more.

The rancho houses the restaurant, bar, kitchen, reception, library, and gift shop. The dimensions of the structure reflect those of the surrounding rainforest, with a towering roof soaring 25 feet over one of the largest ranchos on the Osa Peninsula. The spacious deck is ideal for birdwatching, stargazing, or just absorbing the energy of the rainforest.

Secluded in a beautiful garden alongside the rancho rests a natural rock encrested pool perfect for sunbathing, cooling off from a vigorous tour, or just sitting and enjoying one of the most beautiful vistas in the world.



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