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Growing Together Mission

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable future by addressing the challenges of climate change through reforestation efforts, creating green spaces in urban and suburban communities, and building sustainable food systems.


Growing Together is a multi-pronged approach to addressing climate change globally. We recognize that in order to address climate change, we need to also uplift women and children who experience the greatest burden from climate change, as well as address education and essential human needs. By addressing these issues along with conservation, reforestation, health, sustainable education, and food systems we can have a greater community impact.


Growing Together is currently in its "fact-finding" stage as it seeks to identify landowners of public and private land, governmental organizations, non-profits, for-profits, and farmers, who are willing to have a portion of their land (even as small as an 1/16 acre) reforested with a commitment on part of the landowner to keep that area for a minimum amount of time. Well established forests are essential for water retention and carbon retention opposed to short term plantings which are more prone to erosion thus affecting waterways. Growing Together requires no financial commitment from organizations, just the commitment for planting and its longevity. The program will use crowd-sourcing, as well as apply for grants where possible, and work with environmental partners locally, statewide, and nationally, to secure necessary trees and tools. 

Growing Together is also seeking financial backing to establish a foundation to support these endeavors. Our initial start-up goal is $10,000 to pay for legal, state, and federal fees, as well as beginnger projects.


  • Rewilding and adding Green Spaces

    • Establish rewilding model for organizational use in Pennsylvania

    • Rewild or establish forests/food forests on organizational and/or agricultural land in Pennsylvania

    • Adding green spaces into Pennsylvania, with a concentration in Cumberland County on existing property.

      • Cumberland County's Climate Action Plan indicates the need for adding greenery for the future of infrastructure, health, and food chain due to climate change. The U.N.'s Food and Agriculture 2016 report talks about the essential need for adding more forests and supporting farmers with agroforestry, among other steps as essential for food production due to changing climate conditions. As Pennsylvania continues to lose forested and agricultural lands at alarming rates, Growing Together meets the needs of the state, county, and matches expert recommendations. 

  • Education

    • Develop sustainability outreach program for adults and children in-person and online. 

    • Produce educational programs on healthy eating, food systems, conservation, reforestation, and sustainability.

    • Provide scholarships to students who will be pursuing a degree in Sustainability. Focus on the following groups and/or areas annually: U.S. female student, Female Afghanistan refugee, student from Sri Lanka’s Central Province, student from Rishikesh, India, student from Maheswar, India, student from ASRI Teens program in Sukadana, Indonesia, student from Surket, Nepal.

    • Funding for education on deforestation and conservation in schools and libraries in U.S., India, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Nepal.

  • Clean Water

    • Water filters for ASRI teens.

    • Water filters and filtration system afor staff of International Animal Rescue team in Mount Parak.

  • Food Access, Food Systems, and Food Education

    • Installation of vegetable gardens and children's educational gardens in libraries in the U.S. 

    • Produce buyback program for farmers markets in BIPOC communities. Awarding $1,000 per year to two organizations. 

    • Funding for compost center installation for communities, libraries, and farmers markets. 

    • Funding for, and education on, agroforestry. 


  • Commitment for rewilding approximately 1/2 acre at Kula Kamala Foundation and Yoga Ashram in Alsace, PA (Berks County). Project completion Summer 2024.


  • Summer 2023 - Fact-finding phase.

  • Fall 2023 - Identify major donors for start up. Roll out crowdfunding. 

  • Winter 2023 - begin legal pathway towards establishing a foundation.

  • Spring 2024 - Identify key projects to begin Fall 2024.

  • Summer 2024 - Announce upcoming key projects.

Growing Growing Together

The future vision for Growing Together will see the project turn into a non-profit sustainability-focused organization that will concentrate on the following areas:

1) Rewilding and creating green spaces

2) Sustainable food systems (access, packaging, donations, vegetable gardens, and more)

3) Sustainability education (in-person and online)

4) Support for women in the field of sustainability by building resources and providing funding

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